Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CAIFANES, su regreso.

...y su efecto en la gente.

Caifanes se reunirá brevemente en el 2011…

Bien, me gustaría decirte el por que, de hecho, esto es muy relevante para miles de personas, de todas las edades y de todas las clases sociales.

En el pasado de nuestro hermoso país, cuando la única imagen aceptada por los medios masivos era el de los güeritos europeos o gabachos, y nuestros artistas famosos eran niñas cursis llamadas Yuri o increíbles interpretes como Jose Jose y no había absolutamente nada lo suficientemente real como para que las generaciones jóvenes nos identificáramos con ellos…entonces nace Caifanes, con un sonido tan fuerte, tan poderoso, y tan magistralmente nuevo y refrescante que era casi cínico. Era adictivo e intoxicante, así como cuando te enamoras por primera vez.

Seguro que había otras bandas haciendo ruido y representándonos dignamente; sin embargo sonaban tan similar a otros grupos internacionales que, honestamente, no podíamos identificar nuestras almas mexicanas con su punk, su Jazz y su blues; después de todo y por mucho que nos gusten esos géneros, pues no son realmente nuestras raíces.

Pero Caifanes tenia lo que se necesitaba, simplemente lo entendían. Ellos creaban música sin plagio y sin copia de nada, seguro que si había influencias de clásicos y otros sonidos underground que eran nuevos en esa época; pero solo eran matices en el enorme lienzo que nos trajeron. Esto era nuevo para nuestra gente, era para nosotros y se convertiría en nuestra música para siempre. Se escabulliría para meterse en nuestra sangre, y tomaría el papel protagónico en nuestro ‘soundtrack’ y en nuestras bandas de garaje hasta el día de hoy; y después de tantos años aun estaría presente en nuestras bodas y tendría significado en el nacimiento de nuestros hijos.

Este es el tipo de música que se hizo para nosotros y sé de hecho que fue creada con nosotros en mente….con nosotros, en mente.

Lo que inició como una banda underground rápidamente evolucionó en un grupo que experimentaba con nuevos sonidos y tendencias y que fue ganando fuerza a través del tiempo y la experiencia; podían llenar conciertos masivos y vender millones y millones de discos…cambiando nuestras vidas y nuestro escenario para siempre. Es decir, Caifanes tenía tal poder que podía fácilmente prender a miles de espectadores con su tributo a la Cumbia “La Negra Tomasa” o algo un poco más hardcore como “Metamorfeame”; y no importaba si era una rola nostálgica como “Quisiera Ser Alcohol” o “No Dejes Que”, y estaba bien ponerse suicida con “Mátenme Porque Me Muero” o “¿Será Por Eso?”, todo súbitamente estaba bien durante sus conciertos porque tu vida se convertía en algo nuevo, se convertía en algo así como ‘un mejor lugar’. Así de poderosa era su música.

Me fascinan las bandas que pueden crear obras maestras y Caifanes hizo eso en cada uno de sus discos, en cada etapa de su historia, sin duda. Crearon increíbles temas basados en historias populares mexicanas tales como “La Llorona” y “Mariquita”; y con ello abrieron camino a un género completamente nuevo en la historia de nuestra música; y tan debatible como pudiera parecer, Caifanes es piedra angular, y pilar imbatible en la música mexicana…o mejor dicho en la MÚSICA HECHA EN MÉXICO.

Los Caifanes que todos conocemos son: Alfonso André (Batería), Saúl Hernández (Voz, Guitarra, Letras), Sabo Romo (Mega Master en el Bajo), Diego Herrera (Teclados, Sax). Alejandro Marcovich (Guitarra). Cada uno de estos individuos mantiene gran significado en la historia de nuestro rock, así que, efectivamente el hecho de que se reúnan aunque solo sea por un instante es algo importante y yo solo puedo desear poder ser testigo de ello.
Hasta Que Dejes de respirar

Hasta Morir

Debajo de Tu Piel

CAIFANES, their return.

 ...and their effect in people.

Caifanes is getting back together briefly in 2011, big deal…right?

Well, I am here to tell you why, indeed, it is a big deal…for thousands of people, of all ages and from all walks of life.

Back in the days when the only image accepted by Mexican mass media was the gringo and/or the eastern-European blonde; and our famous singers were either cheesy girls named Yuri or amazing crooners such as Jose Jose; and there was absolutely nothing real enough for younger generations to relate to…Caifanes was born, their sounds were so strong, so powerful, so majestically new, and so refreshing it was almost cynical. It was quite addictive and intoxicating, like when you fall in love for the first time.

Sure there were a few bands around making noise and representing with dignity; but they were so similar to other foreign bands, and honestly we could not entirely identify our Mexican souls to their jazzy-bluesy-punkish styles; after all and as much as we love the genres those are not our roots.

But Caifanes got it, they simply got it. They created music without plagiarism or making copy of anything…yes there are clear influences of great classic bands and newer underground rock in their music, but those were only strokes and shades of color in the huge canvas they brought in: This was new to our people, it would be our music and it would be ours for ever. It would sneak into our blood stream; it would play a leading role in our soundtracks and in our garage bands until this very day; and after so many years it would still be present in our weddings and it would have meaning in the birth of our kids.

This is the sort of music that was made for us to keep, and I know for a fact that it was made with us in mind….With us, in mind.

What began as a dark and underground band, quickly evolved into a group that experimented and searched for new sounds and tendencies, and gained strength with experience and time; packing massive venues and selling millions and millions of albums, changing our lives and our scene for ever; I mean, this band had such power they could rock the house with either 'La Negra Tomasa' –their tribute to cumbia; or their hardcore 'Metamorfeame'. It didn’t matter if it was a nostalgic tune such as ‘Quisiera Ser Alcohol’ or ‘No Dejes Que’, and it was ok to get borderline suicidal with ‘Matenme porque Me Muero’ or ‘Sera por Eso?’ everything was perfectly fine in their concerts, your life became something else, your life became something new, somewhat of a better place. They had that much power.

I love a band that can create masterpieces and Caifanes did just that on every record, in every stage of their story, they did. They composed beautiful songs based on classic Mexican myths such as La Llorona and Mariquita and by doing this, they made way to an entirely new genre in the history of our music; and as debatable as it may be, Caifanes is the cornerstone and a strong, unbeatable pillar in Mexican music…or more like MUSIC MADE IN MEXICO.

The Caifanes we all know are: Alfonso Andre (Drums), Saul Hernandez (Voice, Guitar, Lyrics) Sabo Romo (Mega-Master Bass Guitar), Diego Herrera (Keyboard, Sax). Alejandro Marcovich (Guitars). Each and every one of these men mean something in the history of our rock so yes, their getting back together in the blink of an eye is a big fucking deal and I can only hope to be a witness.

Hasta Que Dejes de Respirar

Estas Dormida
 Hasta Morir


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Closer to the Edge (by 30 Seconds to Mars)

Watching Jared Leto is addictive…because he’s cute, because he’s arrogant, and because it appeals to my inverted narcissism.

To me, ‘Closer to the edge’ is a fantastic song, literally; then you add this power-punched video that's filled with live shots of massive venues, packed with frantic audiences...and you got me on a silver platter.

See, my opinion might be biased because the first time I heard the song I was watching TV -stoned  up to my ass; and there it was: Leto’s performance just blew me away. All my senses were aroused, so I may have seen or heard things that you, right now may not be able to. Regardless, 30 Seconds to Mars is an entertaining band: fun to watch, pleasant to hear, their songs are strong and well composed. There’s money invested but there’s also talent and quality in there.

I like fun and powerful bands these days. I no longer feel attracted by depressing music unless they’re absolute masterpieces such as those once composed by Radiohead, but they are no longer around so I choose this new indie Rock and Roll instead.

In my opinion 30 Seconds to Mars is the best thing that could have happened to Jared Leto, forget about funky independent movies, and forget about your pretty face.

Get on stage and rock my world mothafucka!

Friday, November 12, 2010

'Vamos' by Vicentico...a true rockstar.

A few weeks ago, a dear friend of mine posted this video on my FB wall: ‘Vamos.’

It not only reminded me of how much I love my friend, it also brought back memories of one of the greatest bands I have seen playing live.

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

While this song was composed by Vicentico after he left the band, it reminds me of  the whole band because the song helplessly bears the Cadillac’s signature. ..So, there you have it.

See, this was one of those multi-member/multi-instrument bands that featured a uniquely defined, signature leading voice. Vicentico -its singer, is an icon; a true Latin American rockstar. Everyone loves him, adores him or loves to hate him.

‘Vamos’ may not be Vicentico’s most famous or his most defining song; however it clearly shows the Cadillac style at its best. Vicentico’s voice is beautifully off key, but it is completely filled with pain and nostalgia, his notes go mercilessly straight into your heart as if you needed a reminder that loving is always really, really painful.

But my favorite band member has always been Mr. Flavio, the bass player. He is a myth, a master mind with at least two generations of adoring fans. Flavio Cianciarulo is one of the greatest bass guitar players on earth. No need to argue… just listen.

While Sax Alto usually gets on my nerves, the trombone tickles my fancy -just for the pleasure of comparing instruments. I love a well played rombone, I find it sensual in an unorthodox way. ‘El Tromboniño Albareda’ -the band’s trombonist until 2002, may very well take your brain for a ride on every one of their songs. While their magnificent percussion set imprints the final seal that proves why Argentinean Rock deserves its own label on Itunes.

‘Vamos” makes me think of a warm afternoon on the beach, after breaking up or loosing big. This is the kind of song you need to burn your demons, gain strength and go forward. This is a song to cry your pain away, then get up and go.


Vamos by Vicentico

Music, The Next Best Thing After Sex.

Everyone who knows me is aware of my obsessive personality, so here’s the latest.
I was born into a family of people that worships music; two of my brothers make a living in the music industry; then we have an older brother who is into classics, Cuban Trova, and other fascinating but more nostalgic stuff, he is a great connoisseur. My mother has a delicate and flawless taste in music so she played a major role in our musical upbringing.

My father’s musical taste was a bit ‘all over the place’ yet he managed to bring home some of the greatest tunes of his era.  We also have a beautiful sister but I believe she is tone deaf or something, we love her regardless.

This passion for music has proven to be painful…beauty makes me suffer all the time.

It’s always the same process: I hear a beautiful song and I fall in love with it; then my obsession makes me want to own it, taste it, analyze it, deconstruct it, swallow it, savor it and then spit it out to the world to tell them how amazing, or how fucked up I find it (depending on the case).

Same thing every time, I could say it’s an addiction.

There is something about having a group of people creating music. It makes me wonder: How does it happen? Where does it come from? How do their brains work to compose them? Have you tried to see it? I mean, in your head? Oh, it’s quite a trip!

Deconstructing a song - in your head, to layer the sounds, the voices, the rhythms, the time, the harmony…oh god! It’s the closest thing to an orgasm, I swear.

Imagine what happened the first time I smoked, I was in a car with a friend in Chicago…he was cranking up something by Moenia -not my most favorite band, however, as we drove through lake shore drive I swear I saw the music, I mean with my very own eyes! It was right there in front of me! Don’t ask me how, but I saw each note layered like a fucking cake….delicious, for me to grab it, to eat it! And that was it for me. There would be no other passion, there could be no other love; everything else became secondary to me, as it was always meant to be.

Now I live for it, for the next song that will rock my world and take my senses for a ride.

I wish I had more time in my hands to review all those perfectly crafted tunes and write about them. Maybe that should be my blog….instead of all this twisted drama I’ve been writing about.

But that’s me: Rockingaby drama queen No. 1

Stay tune….there’s plenty of music around us.