Friday, November 12, 2010

Music, The Next Best Thing After Sex.

Everyone who knows me is aware of my obsessive personality, so here’s the latest.
I was born into a family of people that worships music; two of my brothers make a living in the music industry; then we have an older brother who is into classics, Cuban Trova, and other fascinating but more nostalgic stuff, he is a great connoisseur. My mother has a delicate and flawless taste in music so she played a major role in our musical upbringing.

My father’s musical taste was a bit ‘all over the place’ yet he managed to bring home some of the greatest tunes of his era.  We also have a beautiful sister but I believe she is tone deaf or something, we love her regardless.

This passion for music has proven to be painful…beauty makes me suffer all the time.

It’s always the same process: I hear a beautiful song and I fall in love with it; then my obsession makes me want to own it, taste it, analyze it, deconstruct it, swallow it, savor it and then spit it out to the world to tell them how amazing, or how fucked up I find it (depending on the case).

Same thing every time, I could say it’s an addiction.

There is something about having a group of people creating music. It makes me wonder: How does it happen? Where does it come from? How do their brains work to compose them? Have you tried to see it? I mean, in your head? Oh, it’s quite a trip!

Deconstructing a song - in your head, to layer the sounds, the voices, the rhythms, the time, the harmony…oh god! It’s the closest thing to an orgasm, I swear.

Imagine what happened the first time I smoked, I was in a car with a friend in Chicago…he was cranking up something by Moenia -not my most favorite band, however, as we drove through lake shore drive I swear I saw the music, I mean with my very own eyes! It was right there in front of me! Don’t ask me how, but I saw each note layered like a fucking cake….delicious, for me to grab it, to eat it! And that was it for me. There would be no other passion, there could be no other love; everything else became secondary to me, as it was always meant to be.

Now I live for it, for the next song that will rock my world and take my senses for a ride.

I wish I had more time in my hands to review all those perfectly crafted tunes and write about them. Maybe that should be my blog….instead of all this twisted drama I’ve been writing about.

But that’s me: Rockingaby drama queen No. 1

Stay tune….there’s plenty of music around us.

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