Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CAIFANES, their return.

 ...and their effect in people.

Caifanes is getting back together briefly in 2011, big deal…right?

Well, I am here to tell you why, indeed, it is a big deal…for thousands of people, of all ages and from all walks of life.

Back in the days when the only image accepted by Mexican mass media was the gringo and/or the eastern-European blonde; and our famous singers were either cheesy girls named Yuri or amazing crooners such as Jose Jose; and there was absolutely nothing real enough for younger generations to relate to…Caifanes was born, their sounds were so strong, so powerful, so majestically new, and so refreshing it was almost cynical. It was quite addictive and intoxicating, like when you fall in love for the first time.

Sure there were a few bands around making noise and representing with dignity; but they were so similar to other foreign bands, and honestly we could not entirely identify our Mexican souls to their jazzy-bluesy-punkish styles; after all and as much as we love the genres those are not our roots.

But Caifanes got it, they simply got it. They created music without plagiarism or making copy of anything…yes there are clear influences of great classic bands and newer underground rock in their music, but those were only strokes and shades of color in the huge canvas they brought in: This was new to our people, it would be our music and it would be ours for ever. It would sneak into our blood stream; it would play a leading role in our soundtracks and in our garage bands until this very day; and after so many years it would still be present in our weddings and it would have meaning in the birth of our kids.

This is the sort of music that was made for us to keep, and I know for a fact that it was made with us in mind….With us, in mind.

What began as a dark and underground band, quickly evolved into a group that experimented and searched for new sounds and tendencies, and gained strength with experience and time; packing massive venues and selling millions and millions of albums, changing our lives and our scene for ever; I mean, this band had such power they could rock the house with either 'La Negra Tomasa' –their tribute to cumbia; or their hardcore 'Metamorfeame'. It didn’t matter if it was a nostalgic tune such as ‘Quisiera Ser Alcohol’ or ‘No Dejes Que’, and it was ok to get borderline suicidal with ‘Matenme porque Me Muero’ or ‘Sera por Eso?’ everything was perfectly fine in their concerts, your life became something else, your life became something new, somewhat of a better place. They had that much power.

I love a band that can create masterpieces and Caifanes did just that on every record, in every stage of their story, they did. They composed beautiful songs based on classic Mexican myths such as La Llorona and Mariquita and by doing this, they made way to an entirely new genre in the history of our music; and as debatable as it may be, Caifanes is the cornerstone and a strong, unbeatable pillar in Mexican music…or more like MUSIC MADE IN MEXICO.

The Caifanes we all know are: Alfonso Andre (Drums), Saul Hernandez (Voice, Guitar, Lyrics) Sabo Romo (Mega-Master Bass Guitar), Diego Herrera (Keyboard, Sax). Alejandro Marcovich (Guitars). Each and every one of these men mean something in the history of our rock so yes, their getting back together in the blink of an eye is a big fucking deal and I can only hope to be a witness.

Hasta Que Dejes de Respirar

Estas Dormida
 Hasta Morir


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